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This procedure stabilizes severe fractures of the femur with a metal rod and screws implanted into the center of the bone. This system provides great strength while the bone heals.

Accessing The Femur

In preparation for the procedure, anesthesia is administered and the patient is positioned. The surgeon creates a small incision on the side of the hip to allow access to the top of the femur. If the fracture has caused parts of the femur to become displaced, the bones are realigned.

Inserting The Rod

The surgeon creates a channel into the center of the femur. The Gamma Nail is carefully inserted into the femur. The surgeon then creates a second incision on the side of the hip and creates a channel into the neck of the femur. A screw is placed through this channel and through the center of the Gamma Nail, locking it in place.

Securing The Implant

A small screw is placed into the top of the Gamma Nail, securing the two parts of the implant together. The lower portion of the implant is also secured. The surgeon creates a third incision on the side of the leg. One or more screws are placed through this incision and through the lower end of the Gamma Nail, locking the implant in place.

End Of Procedure

To complete the procedure, the top of the Gamma Nail is closed with an endcap. The incisions are closed with sutures or surgical staples, and then bandaged. Depending on the nature of the fracture, some patients are allowed to put weight on the leg immediately, while others may not be able to put their full weight on the leg for four to six weeks.


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